Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darts Update Week 8

We began the second half of the season in 4th place. We are in decent shape in the playoff chase considering the terrible start of the year. The team that we faced was in 3rd place on paper just 2 points ahead of us and they still have a game in hand. When the league finally makes the adjustments for the other Peggys team and their no shows, they should be looking at 1st place. I can not throw any DJ comments in tonight because the Celtics vs. The Heat were on and the music was off limits. P was under the weather probably due to rediculous amount of smoke. I am a smoker and after walking out of this joint I feel like I knocked down a carton.

The Match details:
601's - We lost the 1st and won the 2nd game (1-1)
Cricket - We swept all 3 which was a huge surprise (3-0)
301's - Won the first, Lost the next 3 and won the final 2 (3-3)
Final score = 7-4
This is a huge win over a very good team, and could prove to be big as we finish up the season.

If you are looking to join the DTF'ers we might be holding an open tryout session so get down your basement and start practicing. Rumor has it that CBV is moving to Bridgewater and might be quitting the team. He is already getting called a pussy for being sober and moving to B-Water will certainly not help his status.

Next week we are home against the Centre Bar who was in 2nd place heading into this week with 45 points. If you are in the hood, stop by and have a few.

'til next week Bitches,

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