Friday, October 22, 2010

The weekend

The Garden was rocking last night.

Even with Steven Tyler's terrible performance of the National Anthem. Where the hell was Rene??

After some persuasion from my fellow Bruins fans, I will be posting some Bruins game recaps but only to the games that I actually attend. I will not be doing this for games I watch at the bar or while my fat ass is on the couch. Agreed? Good!

Since DJ's is now North Star and none of our friends work there we were on a search for a new pregame hang out. We started off at Beer works - nah not really feeling it. We moved along to Sullys Tap, which coincidentally recently received a Best of Boston award for Best Bruins pregame. The crowd was a mixture of suits and B's fans. I have always held a soft spot for Sullys because they used to have the cheapest beers around. Now just like everyone else they rape you on beer prices. Rio, Big Bob, Paget(or is it Patches), Albie and Big John Manning were all trying North Star out so we headed over there. They slapped some paint on the walls and hired some new waitresses and bartenders but overall its the same joint just worse. The bar was crowded and the staff were overwhelmed. Maybe they will work the kinks out but don't hold your breath.

A buddy of mine listens to Carson & Kennedy in the morning and all he kept telling me was Kennedy will be at the Greatest bar. Well we didn't make it to the Greatest but to the delight of my buddy Kennedy was spotted on the escalator. It was free schedule magnet night, MikeyT got 5.

There was a general excitement in the air at the game. People were talking/arguing the finer points of the team - Tuukka or Thomas, is Jordan Caron's last name pronounced - Karen or Cah-ron, Asparagus or Artichoke, How good will Seguin be, and is Nathan Horton for real.
Needless to say I had a great time.
MikeyT called Caron's goal before the tip off.
I still have not met the guy who owns the seats next to ours.
Alex is back slinging drinks and hitting on white women.
Plus I was not in our seats for any of the goals but I did see 3 of the 4. Goal 1 - in beer line(saw on monitor), Goal 2 - stuck on the ramp to get back to the seats(saw it on the jumbotron), Goal 3 - drinking at the table waiting on the boys(saw it on NESN) and Goal 4 - in the bathroom. So now the whole section thinks I am a goal mush. They could be right.

The game was terrific. I didn't think we would beat the Caps in back to back games. If the B's can keep up this intensity it will be a great year. Nothing short of a Stanley Cup appearance is in order.

Hopefully next game we will have a better pregame experience.

*Quick side note - I usually catch at least one Caps game a year but this year there were tons of Russians in the crowd to see Ovie but mostly wearing B's gear. There were Canadian Russians at Sullys Tap and one of them was a Bizzaro Smiddy.

Now it is onto the weekend kick off. Chrissy asked for Alyssa Milano so that is who we got. If you want to kick off the weekend with someone let me know.

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