Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Darts Update Week # 7

Tonight was the most bizarre night I have ever experienced in my 20+ years of playing darts. Yes that makes me an old bastard so tell me something I don’t know. Whatever could of happened tonight did. We had Double Bull outs. Guys throwing 140’s and losing their game. Multiple single digit throws in ’01 games. Broads trying to steal guys from our team to play on their last place team 15 minutes before the match. Guys from the opposing team trying to defect and join our team during the match. Some random bagpipe player busting out a few tunes, and way too many other strange things to mention. The thing I will remember from this night full of BS was that the other team loved running up points in the cricket matches. Anyone that follows this blog, knows we do not play well against teams that like to point and it really pisses me off. All I can say is that the rematch in week 14 is gonna be a night to look forward to!

First let me give a sarcastic shout out to the fans that were all talk and no action this week. After coming home to an e-mail inbox full with e-mails from guys talking about playing for the team, I was looking forward to having a few beers with some potential future DTFers. Not one of them decided to come out and support the team. Yes I mean you, Newcomb, Sassi, Mike T., Chrissy, Mario, Claydon, and others…The rest of you know who you are!

With all of that said, let me move from the ranting to the match details:
We began the week tied for 3rd with 33 points. Our division is really tightening up with the 3rd thru 6th place teams all within 3 points of each other. It is going to be a grind to make the playoffs. We played against the 5th place team and were lucky to come out with a win to close out the first half of the season.
601’s - Started with a loss and won game 2 (1-1)
Cricket - Won game 1 and lost the next 2 (1-2)
301’s - Won games 1, 2, 4, and 6 and lost 3 & 5 (4-2)
Overall = 6-5 win

Supa P made his bid for The Shot of The Year and continued the team’s weekly streak of finishing games with a DOUBLE BULL. He ended a 301 game by closing out an 87 hitting 17, 20, DOUBLE BULL. I hate to say it, but we have all seen this act before so you better come with something really special if you want to compete for TSOTY. Both Rookie of the Year candidates stumbled so neither gained any ground in that competition. Mark W. and Jeff went undefeated tonight which I guess is easy when you don’t play. CBV, Bright and Barry were told to put away the sharp objects and go to bed. Derek continued his quest for the MVP stepping up again for another big win. Jeb and I were solid as usual.

A few quotes made the night fun and if you were not there, you might not find them as funny as I did. I know one-liners are usually all about the context so I will try to explain.
“Keep eating and keep your mouth full”, said by many. (Attempts to shut up the multiple fools from the other team talking way too much and trying to ruin our fun).
“He must have been thinking of a 82, 82, 82 – 246 out” (Reference to the poor bastard that I played in 301 who was fittingly nicknamed Rain Man by Barry) This guy showed up 5 minutes late for the last match of the night and then had the balls to order food and make me wait to play him. Justice was served as I took him down in the final match and Bright and Barry helped themselves to his fries every time he stepped to the line.

Next week we are heading to the smokiest bar in the Northeast known as the St. Marks Post who were tied with us in the standings heading into the week. They had a game in hand so they are probably 6-8 points ahead. We will need to have another great week to keep our playoff hopes alive.

‘til next week Bitches,


Kevbarry said...

For the Record, Yes Jebodeahaha was solid. However,Foley, I believe you lost a 601 and then barely beat RainMan. Not really the definition of solid. Also, CBV was on fire during the second 601 helping Derek, Barry, and CBV get the first W of the night. Brighty Robinhooding CBV's dart was pretty fucked up too.

drunknothings loyalist said...

who's this guy with two first names calling out the prez? prez says solid and its solid.