Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darts update week #5

Week 5 turned out to be another tough night with a 7-4 Loss.
We were down 3-0 rallied for a few wins, faded again and split the last 4 games.
601's 0-2
Cricket 2-1
301's 2-4

There were no excuses for tonight's performance as we had a full squad. Everyone except for CBV and Jeff decided to show up (I guess the letter was only good for a 1 week pass). The only thing I can attribute the poor night to was DW "Mike FM" changing the music format to all white music night which certainly cost us a point or two.

We did face a tough team who was in 2nd place starting the week, but as Parcells would say "You are what your record says you are" and right now, our record sucks! After tonight's loss we made the climb to the top near impossible and securing a playoff spot that much tougher.

Next week we will probably have a bye week as the other Peggy's team seems to have dropped out of the league. Looks like a good night for the boys to get together and practice, booze it up, toss some fun darts for cash and get ready for the 2nd half of the season. Lets GO DTF'ers, It's time to make a playoff run!

The only two bright spots of the evening were that we ended the night with an extra $21 in the suck which will come in handy next week, and when I got home to post this blog I was able to catch the tail end of New Jack City. Just in time to see Pookie get back into the rock, and get my fill of some Old School Hip-Hop...Am I my brothers keeper? Money talks, and bullshit runs a marathon. So, see ya and I wouldn't want to be ya.

'til next week bitches,

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