Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Question 1

The No Sales Tax for Alcohol Question, also known as Question 1, will be on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Massachusetts as an indirect initiated state statute. The measure would ask voters whether or not to repeal a sales tax for alcohol sales. Liquor retailers in Massachusetts indicated in late July 2009 that they were going to try to qualify the ballot measure for the 2010 ballot after the Massachusetts State Legislature increased the sales tax in the state from 5% to 6.25% and eliminated an exemption for alcohol sold in liquor stores.

State legislators in favor of the new sales tax on alcohol sold in liquor stores have stated that it may result in about $80 million in new state revenue.

The Massachusetts Package Stores Association disagreed, believing the figure would be closer to $50 million. The liquor association is opposed to the new sales tax on alcohol because they believe it will cost an estimated 3,000 people their jobs because it will cause alcohol sales to plunge.,_Question_1_%282010%29

Normally I am not one to write shit about politics but when it affects my beers, well then HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Obviously booze is close to my heart. We all need to have vices. Don't trust anyone who says they don't have any - maybe they like women, coke, booze, gambling, farm animals, or sniff glue. You gotta have something god damn it!!

Sorry I got a little side tracked. Basically booze is already taxed(excise) and since July 1st its been taxed again(sales tax). Should we really have to pay a double tax? Booze is marked up 40-50% because of the taxes involved, does it seem fair to make us pay even more? I am all for sin taxes. Hell I am in favor of legalizing everything and anything and taxing it. Weed - legalize it and tax that bitch. Im sure it would help with our war on drugs. Hookers - legalize it and tax that pussy(in more ways than one). If someone wants to pay for something(sex) that people give away for free(before they get married) then what sense does it make not to tax it?

Alright enough ranting from me. You will vote whatever way you want. I am voting YES and I hope you do as well.

Quick summary:

This proposed law would remove the Massachusetts sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol, where the sale of such beverages and alcohol or their importation into the state is already subject to a separate excise tax under state law. The proposed law would take effect on January 1, 2011.

A YES VOTE would remove the state sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol where their sale or importation into the state is subject to an excise tax under state law.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the state sales tax on alcoholic beverages and alcohol.

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