Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A potential goldmine

Herald You don’t have to look very hard in Prague to find a joint that will be happy to sell you a mug of beer. But at the top of any beer-drinking tourist’s itinerary should be The Pub, a bar located just across the street from the Bruins [team stats]’ lovely riverside hotel. What makes The Pub different from the hundreds of other similar spots all over the center of the city? At each table in this bar, there are four beer spigots -- allowing customers simply to pour their own beers whenever they’re ready.

A running tab is automatically maintained and you pay when you’re done. There is even a giant scoreboard at one end of the room on which the beer consumption of every table is tracked -- a leaderboard, so to speak, with the inevitable competition between tables.

This kind of place would be enormously popular in Boston. Alas, it also probably would be enormously against the law.

Who wouldnt want to be at this bar? I am sure we could all get together and have some sort of race to see who consumes the most beers. This has shitshow/disaster/pure awesomeness/random Saturday afternoon written all over it.

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