Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 9 Darts Update

We started week 9 in a tie for 4th place, 10 points out of 1st and just 4 points out of the second place tie. The team we were playing is actually a very good team but is currently sitting in 7th place. They have a really good core squad that could compete against any other team in the league but often play shorthanded as they did tonight and because of that their record certainly suffers. We are still looking to make a run up the standings ladder, so tonight was a good night to start the charge. Supa P had a meeting with Uncle Sam so we had to recruit a new player to fill the void. We were led by Shawn "Rookie of the Year" Dillon who played an integral part in the first victory of the night and continued to go on to win 2 more games (albeit by default because they were shorthanded) but it still goes down as 3-0 in the books. If he chooses to stay with it, I'll take him under my wing and will make him a great addition to the team.

For an away match the beats were OK. The Bartender stated early on that if we played (his words) "THAT SHIT" he would just keep hitting the skip button so DW and MW had to keep it low key. I'll say they did a fine job with their music and mixed in a few songs that would make Pat Laden proud.

Now on the matches:
601's = 2-0
Cricket = 3-0
301's = 4-2
Total = 9-2
It was looking like we were going to go 10 and Bob until another player struggled to close out a match to take him off the hook. Anyway, it was a good win which should definately move us up in the standings and position us well as we continue our charge to 1st or 2nd and a potential by week in the playoffs.

Now for the quotes of the week, I have to admit, I did not bring my "A" game tonight and either did the boys. I am too busy buying rounds, drinking beers, keeping score, helping get teammates figure out how to close a match, going out to monitor traffic and accidents and mentoring young players to take notes on the great quotes for the evening but I do my best. If anyone knows a journalism student looking for an internship give them my contact info and I'll put them to work. Anyway here are a few statements that I did get on record:
Does your little brother know you have his shirt on?
Even Rickey Martin would not wear that shirt and he came out the other day.
This dude looks like a Teddy-gram with 2 different ears, 1 pointy and 1 round.
Is it that bad to tell your buddy you used to try to throw a leg in his sister?
Only Foley and Carleton can pull off that sweater vest look.
What makes you look older Gray hair or a comb-over?

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