Friday, March 26, 2010


Too often, having a "designated driver" means whoever drank the least amount of alcohol is the one who gets behind the wheel.

Now, there's a new option. The mastermind behind a small start-up business says if you're drunk, he'll send one of his designated drivers to you.

Raymer McGuire, and his partner, Joe Stokes, run Boston's Designated Driver. McGuire was not old enough to legally drink himself when he conceived the idea, but saw it as both a business opportunity and a way to make the roads safer.

"If you go out and get drunk, you call us," McGuire said. "We send two guys out to you. One of them is driving our car, and one of them will drive your car, so you don't have to risk a DUI, and you don't have to get your car the next morning," McGuire said.

Some said it's an idea that's long overdue.

"Wake up the next day, have to go to work, get up at 6 a.m. and car is there. You are home safe. Nothing is better than that," said Jason Mack, of Newton.

The service also serves minors.

"We certainly don't encourage underage drinking, but if someone needs our service, we are there," McGuire said.

The company owners say all their drivers get background checks, and that the service costs $5 less than a round trip by cab.

"It takes the pressure off of us as bartenders. It takes pressure off customers. They know they can get home and have their car in the morning," said Dana Hansen, of Jakes Dixie Roadhouse.

The company started in January. McGuire said they are almost breaking even.

Now there are no excuses!!

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