Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 7 Darts update

Before I get into tonight's match details, I must say the music was great tonight! I never thought my comments about the DJ's would create so much discussion, but I guess it has, so I must give credit where credit is due. Good job MW and DW...Keep up the good work!

Now to the match information.

We started the week in 4th place with 35 points, not bad considering there are 11 points available each week and we got screwed out of 3 points because of mistakes on the match results forms. This year the MMDL has been ultra critical on the match sheets and everyone is seeing these BS deductions. We are still in position to make the playoffs with a 1 point lead on the 5th place team and we are only 11 points out of 1st. The team we played tonight was the first place team and as they stated early in the match, they had not lost a match this season...UNTIL TONIGHT!

We were scheduled to play at the ODP but it was closed due to the storm so they came to Peggy's. As I sure many of you joined me and Drama Bob pumping out basements so they have no excuse as far as I am concerned, but I digress. The 'other' Peggy's team was at home so we had to use the back-up board and the manual scoring system. It was a tough night for a few of us scoring without the help of a computer but we managed to get by and secured a 6-5 victory.
All of the matches were close and here is the breakdown:
We came out of the gate and won the the first 2 601's (2-0) / 2-0
We lost 2 of 3 Cricket games (1-2) / 3-2
We won split the 301 matches (3-3) to finish 6-5

There were a some of the funny conversations from the night, and again you have to be there to truly apreciate the context but some can stand on their own.
(A) It was huge getting right on in 601...
(B) Why don't you just blow yourself.

(A) I wish I could just find a pot of gold...
(B) Why don't you start sucking dick for beer money?
(C) Doesn't everyone do that?

(A) You have a hanger.
(B) What?
(C) you have a bat leaving the cave.
(B) ...picks his nose!

Home next week away playing against the team from the Pony Room.
If you are out and about please feel free to stop by.

I hope you all have a Great St. Patrick's Day!!!

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Rico Sarolla said...

is welchie helping with this? man this was the best entry yet!