Monday, March 22, 2010

April is coming...

I am not one to preach politics or any political agenda but with this health care bill passing what incentive does this give anyone to raise themselves up? Why strive to achieve anything when the government will hand it to you? Weren't we all taught at an early age - in order to get health insurance you must get a full time job? I guess that truth doesn't stand up anymore.

Enough babbling about my disgust lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Mikey learned that there is no such thing as the wrong Busch.
2. I guess if you whore out your kid at the Bruins game you can score free tickets.
3. Zuess from the Hong Kong now works at the Garden for Alcohol Compliance.
4. You can use the Xcelerator to blow dry your hair.
5. Alcohol sales in the US alone tops over 45 BILLION a year.
6. Dan aka Gary is alive:

7. The Swamp Logger from Ax men is tapped. He told his dog "show me your peepee worm" so the dog laid down and showed him is red rocket!
8. Jeffrey is a part time carpenter - he sanded and painted his deck this weekend.
9. I have a secret obsession with the waffle sandwiches.
10. They may have tried to close down all the Bringham's but the one in Quincy is still open and they make the best Rasberry Lime Rickey's.
11. I had no clue that someone(not Mario Puzzo) wrote 2 more Godfather books.
12. The secondary market for Red Sox tickets isn't as hot as in past years.
13. Jalapeno and cheese hot dogs are the shit!
14. As you can tell from the post below...ZAREX IS BACK!


Anonymous said...

Gary's baby girl can cook! man he put on some weight!

The One and only said...

I hope I get invited to Dannys Wedding!