Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

The US mens hockey team lost a tough one yesterday to the Canadians in overtime. They played hard the whole tournament and should be proud of their silver medal.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. According to Nora Mitchell, Brian Folan missed out on seeing a good pussy.
2. Marios dad got a new dog:

His name is Sherlock.
3. I guess young kids try and record drunk sloppy drunks at Celtics games...Youtube anyone?
4. If you are over 50 years old nothing says love like MATCHING USA vests.
5. If you happen by DJ's there is a dude working there with an orange-yellowish dyed rat-tail/mullet hybrid. It is quite fascinating.
6. Momo likes booze:

7. Apparently I yell often at the Junction.
8. I still love Fire and Ice.
9. Men wearing earrings are making a come back.
10. If you scream "One Good lodge" outside the Garden you will get in. Just ask Big Daddy Smooth.
11. Jean was showing her nipples at the bar. They are HUGE!
12. Chrissy and Alison are waiting till their baby is born before they find out the sex. The names they have in the running are Jacob and Ella.
13. They actually made a Jamarcus Russell Raiders sweatshirt AND PEOPLE BOUGHT IT!
14. Punching a Golden Tee machine is never a great idea.

As always I am sure there were more things that I learned but may have been too bombed to remember.

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