Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Three Wings Places in Massachusetts

Here is Chrissy's review for the top 3 wing places in Massachussetts

#1 Wendells Pub Norton MA

This is a little hole in the wall bar know for their wings. Derek found this years ago and i have been hooked ever since. There are 7 different varietys of wings- Sissy, Sissy Suicidal, Sassy, 3.5, Extra Spicy, Suicidal, and Double Dare (which just made the new menu's). The portions are small, about 10 wings to an order so i usually order a double. I have only ordered the double dare. The waitresses still think im crazy for ordering them but think im down right insane for finishing them. The wings are cooked one way, well done which is the only way i like them. The wings are just a perfect crunch every time!

#2 Chrisy's Place Pembroke MA

Thats right, my house comes in at #2 only because i cant get the hot peppers used at wendells. I have ordered the legendary "ghost pepper" and hope to grow them in my garden this year so i might move up to #1 in next years review. Everyone should remember how hott the ghost pepper is from when we went to Hell Night a couple months back. I usually make my wings as hott as i can but when other people are over, i will cook to order. I appreciate that people that dont like their sauce as hott as i do still give me credit for it being very tasty and not just hott for the sake of being hott. I can either bake them for a healthier choice or i still prefer the deep fry method. My house is always open and anyone is welcome to come on by and try a batch. My only question is, at what age can i start feeding my baby hott wings??

#3 Charlie Horse Kingston MA

This was the only place to get wings before they blew up into the every day food that they are today. I remember skipping school just to go get an order. This was also before i made them at my house on the scale i do today so i had not perfected the art of cooking the buffalo wing just yet. Today they are down to #3 based soley on the fact that they are not as hott as the other two places i mentioned. But you can still get a good order cooked how you like with a variety of heat levels to chose from.

Honorable Mention:

Tri City Wings Newtonville MA

I found this place when i was googling hott wing joints by my work. This is one of those places that not only have buffalo wings but about another 10 different flavors to chose from. These places are not usually that hott but i give it props for not being that bad. The guys there also figured out that i like them very hott so they can try new things to spice it up. but i have to say that for a restaurant, this is the best place for portion size.


WatchDog said...

Being from Norton I would like to go on record by saying that William Smiddy knows NOTHING about Wendell's Pub.

Chrisy said...

Smiddy couldnt handle my wings and i quote 20 minutes after eating two wings... "chrisy, why did you have to make them so hott???"

d said...

Im in for Extra Spicy!