Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 6 Darts Update

After a tough loss last week we began tonight's match in 4th place. We were 9 points out of 1st and just 1 point ahead of the 5th place team. The team we played against used to be the doormat of the league but they were coming off a 7-4 victory and after some practice and a few roster changes they are looking like they can compete.

To open on a positive note we finally seemed to have figured out how to win in Cricket and as much as it pains me to say it, we needed to point them in 2 of 3 matches.. The bad news is that the nightly music still continues to be a real issue... We started the night with "Trans-Siberian", but moved on to a great mix of old rock, and rap to new music. I would have left it alone, but ending with Alice's Restaurant just doesn't sit well

Here is a breakdown of tonight's matches:
Split 601's (1-1)
Won 2 of 3 Cricket games (3-2)
Won 5 of 6 301 Singles matches (8-3)

Unlike last week there were a few good questions from the night.
I don't know if you will find them funny, but if you were there when they were dropped, I'm sure you would have cracked a smile.
  • Who the Fu*k closes out a 301 game with a double 2 - double 1? Only Mr. Booze, that's who!
  • Who still says "Ranking on him"?
  • How did she slap your ass while you were having sex? Was she F'n YOU?
  • Wanna see it real quick while I have it out?

Next week we are at the ODP to close out the 1st half of the season. Tonight was a great win but we still need a to play well the rest of the way to put ourselves in good position for a bye and a deep run in the playoffs.


d said...

You do know that you can play your John Coltrain Jazz songs if you like. No one bitches about the music other than you Foley.
Though that Alice's restaurant song was like nothing I have ever heard before...

Anonymous said...

i feel like i'm on the dart team each week with this write sure if i want to be on a dart team though?