Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 5 Darts Update

We started this week in 3rd place just 7 points out of 1st. We were playing the 4th place team who was just 1 point behind us and playing strong. To begin the match we split the first 1st 2 601's, and then lost the next 2 cricket games (again we need to start to going on the offensive and pointing in these games). Anyway, Trauma Bob and I took the 3rd cricket game o climb back to 3-2 in the match. Jeb stepped up and won the 1st 301 to tie it up at 3-3 and we were looking like we were going to make a run at first place and then we somehow found a new way to give away the next 4 301 singles matches to drop to 7-3. For a change I actually won the last singles match and we closed the night losing 7-4. Sadly missed was our inspirational leader Derek who elected to go the B's game to watch them lose 4-1.
The quotes were too weak to list so (Jeff did not bring his A game tonight) so I will close this with...MW now stands for Mr Wendall and we need a new DJ to pick the beats for the night!

Next week we are at Peggy's again for an 'away' match against the other Peggy's team and we really need to rally it up to enter the second half of the season strong!


Fuck Face said...

Man Foley did someone piss in your Miller Light?

Peggys said...

only reason i read this blog is for what was said on dart night and he leaves that out? i mean really.