Monday, May 9, 2011

Tick tick tick

The 4th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl is only a few days away. I for one can not wait. I wonder how many  guys will show up either with training wheels or wearing a fake stache? Can anyone top Supah P's stache from last year? Will Chrissy have the balls to keep this years stache all the way to next year? Only time will tell.

This guy is ready:

Here is the schedule in case you are planning to attend.

4th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl ‘11

1st ride The North Star 1:00-2:30
2nd ride The Grand Canal 2:30-3:45
3rd ride Tap/Purple Shamrock 3:45-5:00
4th ride Red Sky 5:00-6:15
5th ride Clarke's 6:15-7:30
6th ride Kitty O'Shea's 7:30-8:45
7th ride Trinity 8:45-10:00
8th ride The Hong Kong 10:00-close

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. You learn tons of things at random Thursday meetings.
2. Suffolk Downs has no ATMS? I mean it is 2011 people.
3. Towelman's arch enemy is Aztec figure it out.
4. If you leave your tickets at home and have bought them from someone who had emailed them to you, you can still get in.
5. If your friend is talking to a  chick who looks like she has a pack of hot dogs ON THE FRONT of her neck. Do you tell him or just let it be?
6. The new chicken from Domino's is pretty good. The Habenero sauce is legit!!
7. Ben Jarvis Green Ellis is now on twitter @thelawfirmbjge.
8. Mario has been known to slam down a few victory shots from time - ONLY AFTER BRUINS GAMES!
9. Lots of dividing lines for the fans of this Boston Red Sox team - team Lowrie vs Team Marco and Team Salty vs Team Tek. Where do you stand?
10. There is a huge difference between Puck sluts and Hockey Whores.
11. Life lessons can be viewed from many different angles.
12. Ozzie and his boy, Hickey, love to make t-shirts for each and every event they attend.
13. The MBTA police academy is in Quincy, at the Naval academy? I feel like that is something I should of known before this weekend.
14. A Taxi from the ABG to my house is $36.20.  I don't think that is unreasonable.
15. Photobombing never gets old. NEVER!
16. Jeffrey is alive. He checked in on Friday 
17.Taxi cabs are not supposed to smell like cat piss.
18. I had never been in Whiskey Priest before this weekend but I liked it there.
19. Your buddy is courting a short blonde who is named Ashley, you have to refer to her as SMASHLEY,  right?
20. Popeye's chicken is not that good reheated.
21. I guess Stats is all yuppies now and Smiddy is not a fan.
22. Anyone interested in 4 tickets to the Sox game, May 16th? They are $52.00 each. Grandstand 29. Let me know.