Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Darts Update - Playoffs

The season started almost 100 nights ago and although we did not reach our first goal of taking 1st place for the season, we did make the playoffs. The team we played in round 1 was a crew of strange people from Cambridge (aren't they all?) filled with solid players. It would be easy to say we sucked, but we actually played well as a team but the results do not reflect that. It is a race to 13 wins to make it to the next round and we dug a big hole tonight but I am confident we can get it done and move on to round 2.

501's: Lost 3-0
Shawn & Derek got off to a slow start and made a charge to get back into it but lost.

Jeff & Bright: Bright jumped right on with an 82 and pulled out to a good lead at the mid point of the match. They had their chances to end it but no luck and we were down 0-2 early.

Mark & Supa P played a tough match but came up short and we were quickly down 3-0.

Cricket: Lost 2-1
Me & Jeb got off to a slow start and fell behind fast. We hit way too many of the wrong wires and they hit too many triples

Shawn Larry & P got in a hole early but mounted a nice comeback. The other team hit
everything they needed in the end and took it down.

It was looking like a potential sweep as we were down 5-0 until Mark & Bright stepped up and grabbed the 1st win! They were down most of the game until Welchie got on fire. He killed the cork to take the lead and the win.

301's - 3 Wins / 3 Losses
Derek was down huge early in game 1 and almost came all the way back but ran out
of time. Game 2 he jumped out to a 200+ point lead and won it easy. Game 3 was neck and neck but the other guy made a tough out to steal it.

Jeff got on fast and hit great darts on the way down. The other guy made it close but Jeff closed strong. Game 2 was the same as game 1. Jeff got up early and it was close in the end and Jeff hit the key dart to take it down.

Jeb's game 1 was close from start to finish but he never got a shot at the out. Game 2 was never close and Jeb lost.

Bright's game 1 was a barn burner from start to finish and the other guy hit a double 19 on his first try. In game 2, Bright took a 200 point lead but found himself on a tough number. He was able to fix it and wasted no time doubling out. Game 3 was a battle. Both players could have ended it and it was Bright hitting the double 8 to close the door.

Supa P got it down fast in game 1 but struggled on the out and let it slip away. Game 2 same as game 1 but P managed to hit the out. Game 3 was full of controversy from the start. P got screwed by the broad keeping score and was flustered from the start. He fell down 250 points and could not come back. Karma is a bitch and we'll see what happens on Thursday night.

I had the last match of the night and it was a good one. It took 3 games and a few wall punches, but I got it done.

Overall we finished down 8-4 but we are not out of it. In this race to 13, all we need to do is get off to a good start on Thursday to get right back in it. If not it will be a long off season.
'Til Thursday (or Friday) Bitches,


former dart team member said...

You guys are like the patriots, great in the regular season then blow it every time you make the playoffs.

NotKevBarry said...

You guys should have never let kevbarry leave. Kid couldnt be stopped in the fall playoffs.

Anonymous said...

heard whitleys leaving from folan.com?