Monday, May 23, 2011

It is Almost June

Since the sun has been out for a total of 6 hours in the past 9 days and that in itself is quite depressing.

I am going to go straight into the things I learned.

This is what  I learned this weekend:
1. Cutting grass is a lot more time consuming than I thought.
2. Lawn furniture is not cheap.
3. Anytime you go to the vet its an automatic $250.
4. I still don't want to speak about the B's game 4 collapse.
5. When you are in love you don't care who knows it. Unless you are William J Smiddy, who loves all and tell no one!
6. I am not a fan of the term "smoke show". I think hot can sum up a hottie more than smoke show. Basically if you use the term smoke show you are a tool(or you are on Barstool sports 24/7).
7. The Barilla spicy marinara sauce is no joke. Ruined a perfectly good pasta dish.
8. Weed wackers are heavier than they appear.
9. I can not grow grass to save my life.
10. How the hell is a  trash can $50?? I mean its a trash can Mr. Rubbermaid!
11. I guess Smiddy is too cool for school. He doesn't get back to any of his old co-workers.
12. Chrissy is starting to think no one will pay up for his year long stache parade! I have my $52.00 right now.
13. Is there anything weirder than 6 degrees of separation between 2 totally different groups of friends? I am not usually a fan of the name game.
14. Congrats to Mark "Welchie" Welch who took home the 33rd annual Norfolk County Classic’s championship trophy Division 2 title. If you see him buy him a Guiness, the kid deserves it!
15. You clean up and get a hair cut and everyone acts like you lit the world on fire.
16. Has anyone see Brian Folan? I have been trying to meet up with him for a few beers.
17. A whole weekend(Including Thursday) without beers and I figured I would feel like a million bucks today. Feeling more like $150 bucks.
18. Cracker Barrel has new shredded cheeses for nachos, salads or straight up snacking. They are yummy.
19. I am pretty sure I have sleep apnea. Just have to go and get it tested.
20. MikeyT owns the Preakness. I am thinking bout putting a trip together next year for the races then an Orioles game that Sunday. Anyone interested?
21. I finally watched Edge of Darkness. I don't know what part was worse - Mel Gibsons accent or the movie plot.
22. There is a new power couple on the North shore people - Mario + Ashley = Mashley. EAT IT SMIDDY! You and your endless train of ladies.

Tonight, head on over to Whiskey Priest, 6pm -10pm,  for a fundraiser  for Liam Stapleton and Chris O'Rourke. There is a $20.00 donation at the door. They are raising money to cover medical bills and lost wages for these 2 guys who were victims of being in the wrong place at  the wrong time.

If you can't make it and would like to still help out. Please donate here:


Riccio said...

I am in on that bet. there is no way Chrissy will keep the stache, he will end up getting chocolate or lard stuck in it and have to shave it off.

doerillz said...

#20 - we're down with that. ;) and mrs. booze has to come- i even have a huge obnoxious preakness day hat she can borrow so we can be obnoxious together.

chrisy said...

Game #5 collapse??