Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hott Wing Challenge

everyone knows i love a good hott wing. im always on the look out for the hottest wing i can handle. guys at work have been getting alot of wings lately from Wings Express. its a pretty well known chain that i have had a few times before. its a good wing but even their "atomic" just didnt cut it. but one of them mentioned the one in waltham had a "suicidal challenge". well you know im in. so i head down to check it out. after ordering it and getting the usual talk about signing a waiver and how i shouldnt even try it, i was looking foward to it. my only concern was that i had to finish 6 wings in 10 minutes. were the wings gonna be too hott just to be hott or was there gonna be a good flavor to them? well my first bite i got my answer. they were HOTT!! holy shit. but dam i was very impressed that the flavor was great as well. now i got my eyes starting to water up, my nose starting to run and i cant use any napkins till after im done eating. so i said fuck it and just kept eating faster. hes grabbing his camera to take my pic for his wall of fame or wall of shame, but before he got it out of the case, i said im done. i finished them in just over 4 minutes. 3 bottles of water later, i could finally start to feel sensation in my mouth again. 2 big thumbs up for this challenge but one i happily conquered! as of this post, my pic was not up on their FB page but he said it should be up with in a week.