Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Darts Update Week # 14

Just like the Celtics our team seemed to be in a funk. Nothing much was happening so I did not take any notes. After all of the make-up matches and bye weeks, we were 1 point behind first place going into the last match of the regular season. It was not likely the 3rd place team would catch us and the first place team was playing the last place team from their own bar and had us on the tie breaker so it really did not matter. We will find out the final standings later in the week but I think it is safe to say we will end up in 2nd.

The Results:

501's = 3 Wins - 0 Losses

Mark & Supa P got us off to a great start. P hit a 150 on his first throw and followed that up with turns of 7, 7 and 9. MW was solid and P hit the double 1 to close it out.

Jeb & Shawn played very well against a good team and took the next win.

Bright & I were up next trying to sweep the 501's. I jumped on with a 40 and Brighty closed it out from 76 with a very unorthodox single 3, triple 19, double 8.

Cricket = 2 Wins - 1 Loss

MW & P were back at it and got involved in an obnoxious BS point fest. If the midget from other team hit one more 16, Mark was going to fire a dart into the back of his head. They hung tough and hit a bunch of corks to keep it close but the 16's did them in.

Shawn and Bright played one of the better games I have see all year. They were hitting triples on almost every throw and took care of business fast.

Jeb & I played a relitively uneventful game and took an easy win.

301's = 2 Wins - 4 Losses

Mark played 2 very quick games and they were never in doubt = W
P had trouble getting in and lost in 2 = L
Shawn had two close ones but could not get it done = L
I took the 1st and 3rd game in my match to stop the slide = W
Jeb fell in 2 games against the best player on their team = L
Bright gave his opponent a good fight but came up short = L

Final Score = 6 - 5

When the playoff schedule is released it will be posted so you can make your plans. We play Home and Home matches on Tuesday/Thursday so you have no excuse for not making a game. Do the right thing and come on down for a few beers and some laughs.

'Til next time bitches,


KevBarry said...

I was never the best math guy on the team but pretty sure 3+2+2 makes it 7-5?? Better borrow a calculator from the chick on the JP team.

Anonymous said...

"Foley was the only one in a funk, don't mind the review, just tell the truth,and take responsability for your own funk" - Player would like to remain Anonymous

Prez. said...

Yup, You are both right!
We won 7-5 and I was in a funk.
Playoffs start next week and I will bring some heat to the games and to the blog. 2 posts per week will be the goal all the way to the state finals!

Dont be such a F'n coward "Anonymous"!

Fact not opinion said...

foley lost his dart skills 3 years ago