Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Don't Know Nothing About...

Here are Drunknothings we are always trying to broaden our readership with any and all types of postings. William J. Smiddy, who is a dapper and debonair, has signed on with a new posting - "You Don't Know Nothing About..."
He is going to be reviewing date places, restaurants and other things that a serial dater would be doing. So from his finger tips to your eyes.

You Don't Know Nothing About...Moo!
                                (This is not actually William J. Smiddy in the photo)

Ok so here it is folks my very first restuarant review. So last Friday myself and my newest lady, the Charlestown transplant, as I like to call her went to MOOO on Beacon St. I knew this place was fancy when I pulled up to the valet and the dude was wearing a suit, WTF I mean really dude a fucking suit!!!

In any event we started off the night by ordering a lovely, expensive bottle of cabernet and 2 ceasar salads, the salads were a little too over dressed for our liking! Next came the main course I ordered the bone in delmonico steak, which was the best I ever had and she ordered the surf and turf special, filet with a garlic buttered lobster tail. I have to say the surf and turf was the way to go! For dessert  we went with the the hot lava choclate cake with coffee ice cream it would have been good if the cake came out hot. 

The waitstaff was very knowledgeable with the menu and it didn't hurt that the hostess was hot as fuck and she knew it, man she had  bombs!!! 

All around I give MOOO an 8 out of a 10.  


Julie said...

This is a great idea. Looking forward to some good places when I come home to visit:)

the writing on the wall said...

hey guy who writes the dart blog.......later your replacement is here

Chrissy said...

You didn't talk about your date. What did she look like? Was this your first date? did she suck your dick after ordering the surf & turf??