Friday, November 19, 2010


hello blog readers. this is my first attempt at contributing solo. it will take me a few posts to work out the kinks but as we all know, it cant be any worse than half the shit that gets posted on here. i would like to thank mr booze for allowing me the opportunity but does he really know what hes getting into now that i don't have to send him my posts to edit?? i am taking over the weekend kick off girl. i am gonna spin it into a combination of G.I.W.L.T.F/weekend kick off/ style girl celebrity gossip.

Eva longoria is recently single this week. she filed for divorce from tony parker after just three years of marriage. i just passed the three year marriage mark myself but if eva needs someone to comfort her, CALL ME!! so what went wrong here? tony sending hundreds of texts to his former teammates wife. now i have included three pics of erin barry. she is no slouch herself, but she is not even close to eva's level. but don't get me wrong, ill rub one out to her im sure.

A good friend once told me that my everything is not your everything. "chrisy, my everything starts with a blowjob and ends with a black eye" this got me thinking, yes we can all agree eva is much hotter, but this erin chick must be a freak! i have to read some of these sexts. im hoping to sign on tmx as a fact finder (at least 30%) and get to the bottom of this. well with out further interruption, a few pics.

I know not as many as usual but i will get better. email me with suggestions,


One horny dude said...

Thats how you start off the game. A solid double. Pretty soon you'll be swinging for the fences

Anonymous said...

Couldve been a triple looks like he stood at the plate watching? I assume he figured prez hits behind him and he isnt driving him in from 3rd or 2nd why risk an injury? Where's the ranking post guy?

Anonymous said...

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