Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My friends and I were bullshitting earlier today and we we got on the subject of this blog. We can't remember the last time Stylegal wrote up anything. Now I know she fell in love but hell some of our female audience loved the shit that she posted. Where oh where are you stylegal? I mean can't you post who had the best halloween costume from a celebrity? Who got recently arrested? What is Lindsay Lohan up to? This blog needs some womanly touch to it. As this conversation went on we started talking about Iggles. Where are you Iggles? Your non Massachusetts view on all things Boston was insightful. I miss your snarky comments, your writing style and most of all your piss and vinegar attitude. Will you be coming back? Remember when Rio did reviews of movies and television shows? It was like a blog version of cliffs notes.

I never saw one episode of Sons of Anarchy but man I could get a B-/C+ if there was ever a pop quiz on it. I vaguely remember the Chiefdude posting political babble and GIWLTF every week. Maybe he could start writing about his life? What it is like to be married? What its like having 2 young boys and a dog and how he tries to juggle it all. Or maybe just once a month he can bring back GIWLTF.

I am not complaining we have the ghost writer from TMX for fantasy and The Prez writing about darts. Plus I write and chime in when I can. I just miss the different things that people posted. Anyone new want to start posting? Just email me and I can set you up with a password and what have you.

Now onto a side note. Would anyone be interested in purchasing a bottle of Eau D'Smiddy? He is doing a side venture with the help of some backers to create his own cologne. It will be available exclusively through drunknothings.com to fund folan.com and the Smiduation's expanding empire. Unlike most colognes that are sold in 4oz - 8 oz bottles this will be sold in 12 oz, 16 oz, 40 oz and keg sizes.
Please contact the Smiduation at Smidawg Production @ 781-632-3296 if you are interested in cologne or if the ladies are looking for a date, he is your man. Heard a rumor that he may be at Foxwoods resort and casino Thanksgiving weekend solo and on the prowl. Ladies panties will be dropping. You have been warned.