Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainy Friday

The weekend kickoff is becoming increasingly the most emailed topic that I get throughout the week. This past week or so we have had requests for Rosario Dawson, Jordan Fish(Denny Hamlins gf), Jenny Mccarthy, Kristine Leahey and a few for chicks we already have shown - Vanessa Marcil and Sophia Vergara. I love how it is taking off and I will, in due time, post all these ladies but I have had Brooklyn Decker in the que for a while.

Kicking off this rainy fun filled weekend with Brooklyn Decker:

I also received a few texts and emails about the dart post from Mike Foley. People want to know:
1. What his nickname is?
2. Is it Flounder or The Prez?
3. Where did the nicknames in the blog post come from?
4. How come there is no more mention of the music selection?
5. What does Mike "prez" Foley look like?


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