Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18 days of freedom

The Names have been changed but will the story stay the same? These are the questions enquiring minds want to know right. I will call these two young people in love Harry and Sally. Harry has about 18 days of freedom left in his adult male life claims to all his friends "I'm not nervous" well folks if this is true good for him but Harry the truth is you should be nervous, and afraid the world as you know it will come crashing down, and burning all around you soon mother fucking Armageddon is coming for your ass. Mean while Harry likes the house cold and Sally is biding her time for 18 more days and then blam bitch I'm not sitting in this god damn cold house one more day the heat is on and you Harry are in the frying pan at a nice comfortable 72 degrees living space amen! Then some where down the road Harry is going to wake up one morning and blam atom bomb goes off in your ear with those Magical words "Harry I'm pregnant" ...........after a long pause Harry thinks to himself damn I didn't even by my dog yet......oh well and opens the fridge and has the first of many beers that day.

this is all in good fun for you crazy lady blog readers.
these two will be just fine. Harry is an awsome dude, and lucky that Sally loves him
Good luck, best wishes the Chief Dude

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like chief dude is just angry at his own married life