Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day this week

Only 3 days till Turkey Day. I love me some turkey.

Alright on to what I learned this weekend:

1. I tried on some black sneakers this weekend and I do not like black sneakers.
2. Chipmunkville...population YOU!
3. The food at Franklin Southie is really good. Kinda pricey but good.
4. I only got to 7 bars on the Ave but man was it fun.
5. I am glad this is posted on the wall at Aces High...

Not that I was going to buy for any minors or anything.
6. Why have we not gone to the Banshee on a Monday night:

7. I know times are tough but $3.00 sandwiches:

8. I think the staff at Blue Wave does not like Mario.
9. Slainte is a pretty good time on a Sunday.
10. People still go out on Turkey eve?
11. There is talk about people wanting to join Sunday Supper Club.

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