Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

There are 25 shopping days till Christmas. Today is a good day to start shopping, since it is Cyber Monday and all.

Man I learned tons of shit this weekend:

1. William J. Smiddy is 1/3rd Apache Indian, who would of known?
2. People fight different when naked.
3. Use #TAXI (8294) from any cell phone to be connected to the nearest taxi company.
4. Not only is Bill Muschamp on Notre Dames short list of coaching candidates but he crushes mad pussy.
5. Introducing yourself as Frederick Fredrickson just makes people think you are either tapped or your parents hated you.
6. There is group out there called M.E.O.W. – Men Enjoying Older Women – and it is the place to meet Cougars.
7. The Pizza at Nebo is pretty damn good.
8. Apparently Tim Thomas’ undisclosed injury was due to him punching a locker after a loss.
9. People are acting like this Pats-New Orleans game is like a mini Super bowl.
10. I am still confused by the whole Tiger Woods thing. Was the car accident real or just a cover up for his affair?
11. People like to discuss the Playboy pictorials and the actual friends are weird.
12. Chrissy was so happy to find this guy:

13. I know what you are thinking but NO this is not me:

14. Mike is the king of the helmet shuffle.
15. I love the Kill-Marry-Fuck(KMF) game with or without celebrities.


Unknown said...

Photo #13 Grab the hat man!

Wallaced said...

What 1/3rd of Smiddy is Apache Indian....... Scary thoughts......