Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday but I was under the weather.

Here is what I learned this weekend:

1. Man you go 6 weeks without shaving and you get all types of comments - from Grizzly Adams to (my favorite) the White Kimbo Slice.

2. Smiddy is like one of the Misfit toys from the Rudolph - No one wants to play with a Smiddy-in-the-box.

3. Chrissy is a firm believer that "House Parties rule".
4. I never thought I would see a Red 1989 Honda Accord WITH HYDRAULICS!!!

5. While watching the UFC this weekend, someone started yelling at the TV - Tattoos Don't Mean SHIT!! I agree.
6. The Pony room is celebrating their 50 year anniversary. FIFTY YEARS!!
7. Manny Paquio is fast as fuck. I mean he lands 273 punches to 89 punches.
8. Prime Rib roasts are a little bit on the expensive side but so worth it.
9. John Travolta is awesome in The Taking of the Pelham 1-2-3

10. Beer Die is still a bomb ass game.
11. The Colts can't win without Joe Addai.
12. You people need to grow up and act your age.
13. The street hockey game may have issues:
A. We either play outdoors
B. We find a new venue
C. We play on a different day - Friday night, Sunday day or a totally different Saturday. Tell me what you guys want to do.

1 comment:

mjt said...

can either check the weather and plan outside or if we can get the rink play on a friday night or sunday day? either way deegan in vulnerable blocker side and i got a kessel-like wrister with top fatso written all over it!