Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Former MMA fighter Tyner arrested in multiple homicide

David Allen Tyner, a 28-year-old former Marine who fought seven times professionally as a mixed martial artist, has surrendered himself to police in Oklahoma City, Okla., in connection with a multiple homicide on Nov. 9.

Oklahoma City police had issued a warrant for his arrest on Monday related to six murder complaints. According to the warrant obtained by FanHouse, fire investigators arrived to the grisly scene on Nov. 9 after being notified of a house fire. Upon arrival, fire personnel quickly encountered one deceased person. Upon extinguishing the fire, the other victims were discovered.

While four bodies were found at the scene, authorities say two of the victims were pregnant. All four victims were shot, and the crime scene had been intentionally set ablaze, authorities determined.

Police believe Tyner did not act alone, and he has not yet been formally charged in the case.

Oklahoma City police master sergeant Gary Knight told Fox News that they have established a relationship between Tyner and at least one of the victims, but had not yet established a motive for the crime. They also told the media that an eyewitness and the sole survivor, Jose Fernando Fierro, had identified Tyner -- known by his nickname "Hooligan" -- as a suspect.

Tyner was a two-time state wrestling champion in high school who later compiled a 6-1 record in mixed martial arts, fighting primarily in regional shows. Tyner's most high-profile match was against former UFC fighter Patrick Smith in 2007. Tyner lost by second-round TKO. According to one report, Tyner had been training to return to action soon.

The case has attracted some national attention because one pregnant victim, 22-year-old Brooke Phillips was a prostitute who appeared on HBO's "Cathouse" series.

According to reports, the other victims were Millie Barrera, 22, Jennifer Lynn Ermey, 25, and Casey M. Barrientos, 32.


Come on why would you be killing Brooke Phillips of “Cathouse” fame. Look how hot she is. What kind of nickname is “Hooligan” anyway??

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