Friday, July 10, 2009


In anticipation of the Wingalympics tonight, I interviewed one of the contestants:

Christian "Lethal Injestion" Macphail

MB: Lethal Injestion, How are you preparing for the Wingalympics?
LI: I don't know what 2 do?? can u google what a good strategy is?

MB: Do you think that waiting for the day OF for a strategy is going to help you win the competition tonight?
LI: its cant hurt?

MB: Good Point, I googled it for you. Remember your strategy: clear the mind; focus now; once you start—don’t stop.
LI: thank you grasshopper! i heard eating lettuce will stretch the stomach? is that true?

MB: I heard the same thing about the lettuce. How do you think winning the Wingalympics will change your life?
LI: man oh man i mite quit coke & go on the circuit! i will wear that tshirt w pride & carry that tropy all around 2 show the bitches

MB: Quitting coke, huh, I didn’t know drugs was such a big part of competitive eating?
LI: man maybe i should smoke some weed before the competition...

MB: Thats funny you say that. I believe that to be Greg "The Carcass" Coston's strategy. Do you have goal for a number of wings?
LI: hahaha well these arent the tiny wings? i had 67 last year so 55??

MB: Actually they are a bit smaller for the competition. DJ's ordered them for us. Your thoughts on blue cheese?
LI: oh the small ones again?? u know i HATE blue cheese

MB: What will your wife's reaction be if she gets to sleep with The Wingalympics Champion? Baby making action, perhaps?
LI: im just saying its like when a horse wins the derby. u stud him out 2 have future if i win the competition then alot of girls r gonna want 2 have sum baby making action w this champion!!

MB: I'm sure there will be a long line of ladies looking to score with the Lethal Injection. People can't get enough of celebrity.
LI: thats what im saying Mrbooze!

MB: Last question, If you could have one celebrity in your corner tonight, who would it be and why?
LI: Any 1 of the GIWLTF so they could suck me off during the competition!

Thanks again "Lethal Injestion" and good luck tonight.


Iggles said...

The odds have now been dropped to 20-1 for Lethal Injestion

Anonymous said...

Tremendous interview. Blog needs more of this!

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