Friday, July 24, 2009

Quote of the Week!!

This weeks quote goes out to Billy Flaherty's good friend Fang, who never seems to amaze me with the one liners that he comes up with. I wasnt able to make it out Thursday night to share a night of memories and what not that we may have had knowing Billy, but I did manage to get a good quote sent to me via the text message. I think it is only appropriate that we put it on here and if it happens to actually work for some then so be it. Now me not being there to hear this myself, one could only picture this as to how it went down.

Everyone was sitting around bellied up to the bar somewhere on Broadway and reminiscing and all of a sudden Fang puts his arms around Mikey T, and leans in and says so everyone can hear, "Hey guys you better leave your ladies at home, everyone gets laid at a southie funeral"---Fang aka Micheal ???

Billy we will miss ya!!!

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