Monday, July 20, 2009

Case of the Mondays

It has finally stopped raining and we have had 5 consecutive nice days in a row. I guess Summer is finally here.

It is Monday so you know what that means, Things I learned this weekend:

1. Tia's is a nice place for drinks, with it's ocean breezes and people watching but damn that place is expensive.
2. Smiddy is moving away from wearing SMEDIUM size clothes and is now into Polo shirts tucked in like a super preppy.
3. This upcoming Wednesday is National Hot dog day.
4. Everyone and their mother asking me if I can get them tickets to the Winter Classic.
5. Working the overnight for 12 hours is easy but it fucks up your sleep schedule.
6. The new Harry Potter movie made almost $160 MILLION dollars in 5 days.
7. Captain and ginger is not as sweet but just as good as Captain and Coke.
8. Apparently some bitches find my beard/goatee offensive. What the fuck does that even mean? Was my goatee saying swear words and getting naked when I wasnt around?
9. Mike G loves his new axe. The motherfucker feels like Paul Bunyan.
10. Jeffrey is building a 16' by 14' deck off the back of his house. He is having a cookout one of these weekends.
11. Panera Bread has some nice new breakfast sandwiches on their menu.
12. Folan wants to go to Africa on a safari. I have him convinced that 6 Flags, NJ is his best option at this point in his life.


Mjt said...

folan thinks he's a big game hunter now? i saw smiddy sunday and he IS a big game hunter!

Anonymous said...

Mjt, i dont think you can compare zebras, elephants, and tigers with smiddy's ladies...