Monday, July 6, 2009

Im back...

I was on vacation last week so that's why I haven't written. I am back now and see that the Chiefdude was busy posting so no worries.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Krazy K is back in Massachusetts.
2. Tavern on the Water is a pretty good afternoon spot for drinking.
3. This year is flying by.
4. The 4th didn't have that flair this year.
5. Corona Light is pretty damn good.
6. The Wingalympics is this Friday night...who is coming?
7. Smiddy couldn't be more excited for the UFC this Saturday night.
8. I am great at passing out...great at it! If it was an olympic event, I would win the gold.
9. I am secretly addicted to The Messiest home in America on the Style network. At least I am over my Bridezillas addiction.
10. I am not a fan of Washington Apple shots.


Wallaced said...

Smiddy Smiddy Smiddy.... better behave at the UFC....... Only 17 more days to Vegas...... As he reminds me (everyone else too?) with his countdown.......
Smiddy ..... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...... You TOO ?

And.... I do NOT want to see you on a COPS rerun..... or Maybe I DO?

Greg Coston said...

i know,whats with everybody and their friggin washington apples