Monday, August 18, 2008


Where to begin??

This just goes to show you SHIT HAPPENS...

The Red Sox got WHOOPED this weekend by the Blue Jays. I mean a major ass whooping. Two games and outscored 19-5.

The Pats didn't fare any better losing 27-10 to Tampa Bay. I know its only preseason but in 2 games the Pats secondary got torched by Kyle Boeller and Brian Greise not exactly stud quarterbacks!

We lost our playoff softball game, 5-4. I was not able to play, due to being stuck at work. Dice-K(ristine) pitched well enough for a win in her 1st start of the season. The bats decided to go take the rest of the summer off...lets hope we get to play one more season. "LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY!"

Mikeys/Jeffs suprise 40th was a blast. Lots of drinking, plenty of bull shitting and tons of laughs. Man nothing is better than a good old fashion TIME at Florian hall.

Still have no takers for the FREE EDDIE MONEY SHOW AT MOHEGAN SUN this Thursday - I got 2 tickets to paradise!

HAPPY 21st BDAY PETE KELLY!!! Have fun at Ron Emmas and Castaways tonight!

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