Monday, August 11, 2008

Case of the Mondays

Man what a weekend...lots of laughs. I have a bad case of the Mondays today - and everyone HATES MONDAYS!

Friday nights Olympic kick off party at DJ's was a blast. Smiddy took home the gold in the beer chugging Tsingtao contest!

The UFC fights were some of the better ones I have seen in some time. Coops isnt a bad place to watch the fights, also helps to be with some of your friends.

I went 3-4 in my picks:
Here were my predictions:
The Matador over Florian - Loss
Lesner over The Texas Crazy horse - Win, actually A BEATING!! HERRING GOT WHIPPED!!!
Rob Emerson in a huge upset over Manny Gamburyan -Win,whole fight lasted about 20 seconds
St Pierre to wreck John Fitch - Win, just shows why Rush is the champ

Florian is going to have to wait to fight St.Pierre because BJ Penn wants to rock and roll.

Yesterday was a bit of a wash. It rained on and off and softball was cancelled. Kind of a pain in the ass.

It seems to be baby season - Mikey Ls wife is preggo(baby #3), Cheifdudes wife is preggo(baby #2) and one of Katies/Kristines friends is preggo(baby #1) - CONGRATS AND KEEP ON MAKING BABIES!

Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac both died this past weekend. You know they come in 3's...who is going to be next????

The Sox are 4.5 back of the Rays but 1.5 up in the wildcard race over The Twins. This team doesn't seem to be too interested in winning, its like watching the Royals or something. I need some fire from them or something.

Would anyone be interested in 4 tickets to the BC/Georgia Tech game, Saturday September 6th? This is the home opener. I will be going to the Jimmy Buffet concert so I won't be able to attend. If you know anyone who may want them let me know. Tickets are $37.00 each so $148.00 for all 4?

Pittsburgh is a month a way and I NEED A VACATION DAMN IT!!! Wish Smiddy would get his head out of the clouds and start having fun again.

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