Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fantasy Draft Review

The draft is finished and the beers are gone. Good job by everybody, well almost everybody I think Smiddy is still making his flex pick.

Anybody know if Rudi Johnson has been signed yet?

Slippery Wizards – Ladanian Tomlinson
B-Money – Brian Westbrook
Sflabo – Adrian Peterson
Nameless Few – Tom Brady
Smidawgs – Stephen Jackson
FKNSKZA – Marian Barber
Madd Niggerish – Clinton Portis
Thanks4Gore – Randy Moss

My Pick:
Well I was 50/50 between Brady and Jax. Jax should have a huge year assuming Orlando Pace stays healthy. But I couldn’t pass on Brady, even if he has a big drop off from last season he still throws 35 TD’s and 3500 yards.

Reach of the Round:
It’s hard to say any 1st round pick is a reach but the Defending Champs reached a little for Addai. Some boards had him going as low as the 6th pick. Still a solid pick that should generate consistent points every week.

Steal of the Round:
Smidawgs getting Jax with the 6th pick could be the steal of the draft. He’s capable of rushing for 1500 yards with 500 receiving yards and 12 to 15 TD’s. Nice start for the Smidawgs!

Thanks4Gore – Terrel Owens
Madd Niggerish – Marshawn Lynch
FKNSKZA – Peyton Manning
Smidawgs – Reggie Wayne
Nameless Few – Larry Fitgerald
Sflabo – Drew Brees
DEFENDING CHAMPS – Braylon Edwards
B-Money – Marquis Colston
Slippery Wizards – Andre Johnson

My Pick:
I knew I was going receiver since there were no RB’s on the board worthy of a 2nd round pick. Edwards, Colston, Johnson, and Fitzy were on the board. I was a little concerned about Derek Anderson (concussion) throwing to Edwards so I went with Fitzy. As long as Warner is throwing to him he should have a big year.

Reach of the Round:
The Nameless Few selection of Larry Fitzgerald is a reach at 15 since Edwards and Colston were still on the board. Most draft boards had Fitzgerald ranked as the 5th or 6th best WR in the draft. We’ll know by the middle of the season if this was a mistake.

Steal of the Round:
The steal of this entire draft could be Marshawn Lynch at the 12 spot for Madd Niggerish. Lynch fell due to some questions about the offensive line but this guy put up 14 points per game last year. All drafts had him going by the 7th or 8th pick and some as high as the 5th pick.

Slippery Wizards – T.J. Houshmanzadeh
B-Money – Ryan Grant
DEFENDING CHAMPS – Maurice Jones-Drew
Sflabo – Jamal Lewis
Nameless Few – Earnest Graham
Smidawgs – Willie Parker
FKNSKZA – Wes Welker
Madd Niggerish – Plaxico Burress
Thanks4Gore – Larry Johnson

My Pick:
So I needed a running back and I was more than happy to take Graham. He’s not flashy but he’ll get me 12 to 15 points a week on a consistent basis. He may lose some 3rd down touches but Tampa Bay likes to run the ball and let the defense keep the game close.

Reach of the Round:
A tight end in the 3rd round???? Are you serious? Granted Witten is the best TE but in the 3rd round. He would’ve been there when it came back to you JSL. Witten’s average draft position was around 50 going no earlier than the 44th spot. You know it’s a reach when this didn’t start a run on the TE position.

A very close second for Reach of the Round was Larry Johnson. But I don’t want to speak badly of Thanks4Gore since I plan on doing a trade that I will later regret. Kevin Smith for Lee Evans??? Call me!

Steal of the Round:
Smidawgs pulls off another steal with Willie Parker at the 26th spot. Everybody talks about Peterson but it was Parker who was leading the league in rushing before he broke his leg late last year. As long as Mendenhall doesn’t take away his red zone touches this pick could be the steal of the draft.

Thanks4Gore – Willis McGahee
Madd Niggerish – Torry Holt
FKNSKZA – Brandon Marshall
Smidawgs – Ben Roethlisberger
Nameless Few – Thomas Jones
Sflabo – Calvin Johnson
B-Money – Anquan Boldin
Slippery Wizards – Carson Palmer

My Pick:
My original plan was to go best available at each position but when the run on TE’s hadn’t started yet I figured I could take a chance and wait one more round to get my TE. I was thinking about taking Thomas Jones in the 3rd round if Graham wasn’t there so this worked out for me. But somewhere in the back of my mind I’m thinking be careful what you wish for.

Reach of the Round:
Everybody picked real well in this round so I’m not sure if there is a 100% reach so I’m going call it a tie between Sflabo and the Defending Champs. Taking Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams respectively, we won’t know until the end of the season who made the wrong choice. Williams averaged going with the 48th pick no higher than 43. Johnson averaged going with the 58th pick and no higher than 41 in mock drafts. My gut tells me that Sflabo may have gotten the better player.

Steal of the Round:
Thanks4Gore had to take McGahee. Anytime you are relying on LJ as your #1 back you need some insurance. McGahee has some injury questions but he’s still a steal with the 31st pick. Might be a good idea to handcuff him later on though.

Slippery Wizards – Reggie Bush
B-Money – Donavan McNabb
Sflabo – Santonio Holmes
Nameless Few – Kellen Winslow
Smidawgs – Marvin Harrison
FKNSKZA – Edgerrin James
JSL ENTERPRISES – Jerricho Cotchery
Madd Niggerish – Chris Cooley
Thanks4Gore – Antonio Gates

My Pick:
This is where the draft gets interesting. I could’ve gone with my 3rd RB here so I have some depth at the position or my 2nd WR but I really didn’t like what was available. So I stuck with my plan and took Winslow. Gates was available but his foot concerned me and Winslow is a WR in the TE position.

Reach of the Round:
Chris Cooley for Madd Niggerish is a little bit of a reach in the 5th round. Gates, Gonzalez, and Clark were still available so the TE pick could’ve waited until it came back to you on the next round.

Steal of the Round:
JSL Enterprises may have grabbed a gem with Cotchery. Favre always has a go to receiver starting with Sterling Sharpe then Bubba Franks and then Donald Driver. The only question is will Cotchery or Coles be his go to guy. My guess is it will be Cotchery which makes this the steal of the round.

Thanks4Gore – Michael Turner
Madd Niggerish – Brandon Jacobs
JSL ENTERPRISES – Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco)
FKNSKZA – Dallas Clark
Smidawgs – Vincent Jackson
Nameless Few – Hines Ward
Sflabo – Tony Gonzalez
B-Money – Heath Miller
Slippery Wizards – Matt Forte

My Pick:
I had my QB, TE and 2 starting RB’s. I needed my 2nd WR before it got too late in the draft. Ward was the selection since his steady production year in and year out will get me the 10 points a game I need. I seriously considered taking Maroney here but I have no idea what the Pats are going to do this year with the 20 RB’s they have on the roster.

Reach of the Round:
OH MY GOD!!! Not only is this the Reach of the Round but it is hands down the reach of the draft. Let’s see with the 6th round selection it’s always a good idea to take a guy who is the 4th offensive option and is coming back from a hamstring injury. I had this guy ranked as the 49th best WR which means I wasn’t going to draft him. Vincent Jackson in the 6th round? SERIOUSLY? I guess Smidawgs is making a trip to San Diego and pulling a Tony Harding on Chambers, Gates, and LT.

Steal of the Round:
I’m still not over the Vincent Jackson pick but lets continue. Thanks4Gore pulled off his second Steal of the Round with Michael Turner. I thought he would go by the 3rd round so getting him in the 6th round is a great pick.

Slippery Wizards – Dwayne Bowe
B-Money – Dallas Defense
DEFENDING CHAMPS – Jonathan Stewart
Sflabo – Greg Jennings
Nameless Few – Kevin Smith
Smidawgs – Jeremy Shockey
FKNSKZA – Roddy White
JSL ENTERPRISES – Laurence Maroney
Madd Niggerish – Nate Burleson
Thanks4Gore – Matt Hassleback

My Pick:
DAMN IT…DAMN IT….DAMN IT!!!!! Maroney or Smith…Maroney or Smith. Probably the toughest pick I had all day. Screw it I always pick a rookie RB that comes out of nowhere and does well. Smith is my horse this year, he’s the hands down starter for Detroit and they are going to emphasize the run this year. Teams can’t stack the box to protect against the run since the WR’s are so good. I hope you break a leg Mr. Maroney.

Reach of the Round:
Dallas defense over the Minny defense? B-Money must be a huge Zach Thomas fan. Just kidding, it’s not much of a difference between Minny and Dallas but anytime a defense is taken before the 10th round it’s a reach. THAT’S A RULE!!!!

Steal of the Round:
Watch out for JSL Enterprises this year boys and girls they are starting to rack up the Steals of the Round. Taking Maroney in the 7th round is a great pick. Yes he’s gonna lose some touches but he is a starting RB for a team that should score a ton of points. Nice pick Jewfrey.

Thanks4Gore – Lee Evans
Madd Niggerish – Aaron Rodgers
JSL ENTERPRISES – Minnesota Defense
FKNSKZA – Julius Jones
Smidawgs – Lendale White
Nameless Few – Patrick Crayton
Sflabo – Ronnie Brown
B-Money – Lavernues Coles
Slippery Wizards – Vernon Davis

My Pick:
This is the pick I’m most disappointed in. I think Dallas has a huge offensive year and puts up a ton of points. Crayton should be open deep this year with TO getting double coverage and Witten getting the other safety covering him. I can try and justify this pick but he’s still the 4th option for Dallas. He’s on the block if anyone is interested.

Reach of the Round:
Couple of candidates for Reach of the Round. Minny defense is a candidate, Ronnie Brown isn’t even a starter, Tony Scheffler lost his starting job but I need to go with Madd Niggerish selection of Aaron Rodgers. He would’ve been there in round 9 and maybe round 10. Everyone had their starting QB so another QB wasn’t coming off the board until the 10th or 11th round. Also Warner, Cutler and Favre were still on the board. I like Rodgers but it was a reach at pick 72.

Steal of the Round:
Smidawgs pulls off his third Steal of the Round. Smiddy is trying to make up for the Vincent Jackson pick and may have done that with a solid starting RB for his 8th round selection. Lendale may be fat, slow and lazy but he puts up 11 points per game and that’s not bad for this late in the draft.

Slippery Wizards – Chicago Defense
B-Money – Rashard Mendenhall
DEFENDING CHAMPS – San Diego Defense
Sflabo – Jacksonville Defense
Nameless Few – Donald Driver
Smidawgs – Indianapolis Defense
FKNSKZA – Pittsburgh Defense
Madd Niggerish – Chris Chambers
Thanks4Gore – Selvin Young

My Pick:
I violated a rule with this pick. If you make a bad pick don’t try and over-compensate and make up for it with your next pick. I was so unhappy with Crayton that I forced myself to take another WR. I like Donald Driver but I don’t know who the go to guy is for Aaron Rodgers. This also filled out my WR’s which took out a bunch of sleeper WR’s that I had planned on taking towards the end of the draft (Eddie Royal, Burleson, Bryant Johnson, and Desean Jackson).

Reach of the Round:
Watching Smidawgs make picks is like watching a VERY SLOW moving roller coaster. Two Steals of the Round so far to go along with the worst pick of the draft. We can now add a Reach of the Round award to Smidawgs collection. This was a close call since everybody was taking defense but the Indy defense over Pitt, Seattle, Chicago, Tamba Bay, Green Bay? Really?

Steal of the Round:
Since only 5 position players were taken this round it’s a little more difficult to determine a Steal of the Round but I have to go with Thanks4Gore selection of Selvin Young. Even though it’s Denver and we all know Shanahan takes great enjoyment in screwing around with fantasy football owners. Selvin Young is the #1 RB on a team that runs the ball a ton.

Thanks4Gore – Brett Favre
Madd Niggerish – DeAngelo Williams
FKNSKZA – Santana Moss
Smidawgs – Fred Taylor
Nameless Few – Chester Taylor
Sflabo – Jay Cutler
DEFENDING CHAMPS – Anthony Gonzalez
B-Money – Chris Johnson
Slippery Wizards – Owen Daniels

My Pick:
I usually use my 4th RB as a back-up in case of injury and to give me coverage for bye weeks. I want a guy who gets 3rd down touches and runs behind a runner who is injury prone. I had two choices here: Chester Taylor or Lorenzo Booker. I went with Taylor because he’s a proven commodity and Peterson runs so hard that he punishes himself and defenders. Peterson is my choice for biggest fantasy disappointment of the year. So I like my chances having his back-up.

Reach of the Round:
This rounds reach is pretty easy to pick out. DEFENDING CHAMPS pick of Anthony Gonzalez was a reach here. ‘Experts’ had been talking this guy up but I don’t get it. He’s the 5th option on a team that has a banged up QB that lost his long time center for 6 weeks.

Steal of the Round:
What a round!. Favre, Williams, Moss, Fred Taylor, Jay Cutler are all great picks. But the Steal of the Round goes to Madd Niggerish for picking DeAngelo Williams. He’s looked great in the preseason and he’s the #1 RB for Carolina. Despite all the hype over Jonathan Stewart, Williams will still be the man for the Panthers.

So where does that leave us? As usual injuries will have the greatest impact on all of our teams but the Pre-Season Poll has picked the winner:

10th Place – DEFENDING CHAMPS (1601 points)
9th Place – Smidawgs (1608 points)
8th Place – Madd Niggerish (1628 points)
7th Place – FKNSKZA (1722 points)
6th Place – B-Money (1767 points)
5th Place – Sflabo (1774 points)
4th Place – JSL Enterprises (1784 points)
3rd Place – Nameless Few (1788 points)
2nd Place – Slippery Wizards (1814 points)
1st Place – Thanks4Gore (1850 points)


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