Monday, August 4, 2008


Its god damn Monday and I am fucking cranky as shit!! Work has been sucking all day and the phones won't stop ringing...buncha bitches. Motherfuckers should relax.

1. The won our softball game yesterday 15-5. Finished the season 4-4!! Thanks to Jean for showing up, Kristine for legging out that grounder that hit her in the hand, Mikey T for hitting that bomb to right, Erv for hitting the monster shot to left and everyone else for playing hard. Bring on the playoffs.

2. UFC 87 this weekend. We will be going to Coops Saturday night to watch it. All are welcomed!


3. I am really digging this Jason Bay guy. He looks like he really loves to play baseball. I am not going to sit here and say he can replace Mannys production but I think he can contribute both this year and next. Maybe with some quality players around him he can bat .300 hit 35 Hrs and drive in 100 RBIS. I mean is that too much to ask??

4. Thank god there is some movement towards closure in the Brett Favre fiasco. I personally hope he gets traded, maybe KC as a dark horse?

5. 36 Days till we(Mike, Chrissy and I) visit Pittsburgh for our annual baseball trip. I will let Brandon Moss know we miss him. Oh and the Polar bears at the zoo too!!

6. TIC TAC SHOTS ARE THE SHIT!! Or as some bars call them...O Bombs. Whatever you want to call them they fucking rule and maybe should be illegal. I like them more than a car bomb and EVERYONE KNOWS I LOVE CARBOMBS!!! DRINK UP BITCHES!!

7. Batman made another 43.8 Million this weekend. Beat the Mummy movie(which I think looks pretty campy and super lame). The DARK FUCKING KNIGHT KICKS ASS!

8. Fantasy football is starting soon but not soon enough.

I guess an 8 item list is an ok way to start the week.

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