Tuesday, December 30, 2014


TMX recap of the season is here!!

What a wild ride!! We had new players and we had some players leave midseason, there were more trades than ever and in the end we had a great final day/ DMC owner bday celebration!! Sierra missts for everyone!! The final week had our lowest scores with Slippery Wizards finish the season with a win with 125pts!! The fight for the money came down to the last week and the top three were Slippery Wizards, Black Dynomite and DMC. As is the custom the season review will be with hits from the greatest era the 80s( Iggles with the assist on the songs). Here are the final standings

1.Slippery Wizards
2. Black Dynomite................................134pts
3. DMC................................................172pts
4. Beachbums.......................................255pts
5. FYW.................................................286pts
6. Tony Gonzalez...................................359pts
7. The Jackals........................................377pts
8. Supah Ps............................................487pts
9. Voodoothatyoudo.................................594pts
10. Grahamatron......................................633pts

Now onto the 80's hit that best describes the season for each team as TMX saw it.

Slippery Wizards - WALKING ON SUNSHINE- Katrina and the waves. Somehow from week 3 on they were able to run the table with a team led by Matt Ryan and trading position players for Defenses.  Slippery Wizards constantly tried to trade his "target monster" Keenan Allen and Julio Jones and somehow was able to turn Julius Thomas and Foles into under performing (at the time) Demaryius Thomas and Gronk. Seemed like every move they put out there worked, the old saying horseshoe up his ass comes to  mind except they may have had the whole horse! Just cruised to the title and walking on sunshine the whole way.

Black Dynomite - Headed for a Heartbreak- Winger. How else can you explain the self proclaimed "wagon" who had a great team stacked with Manning, Charles, Bell ( mvp??), Olsen ( sneaky great tight end) and what looked like enough to run the table. After taking congrat on winning the season in week two it seemed a heartbreak was going to happen with all the hype. BD did make it to the money and won several weeks but in the end there has to be disappointment considering he had the extra picks at the draft and missed a great opportunity to run away with the league.

DMC- Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson. The Dmc team was a two trick pony just hanging around the top for a while but he knew there was a chance Rodgers/Jordy may not be enough to finish in the money so he crafted some of the biggest trade rapes TMX has ever seen! Somehow picking up (at the time) the top wr in Antonio Brown and the top rb Demarco Murray (mvp?). Smooth criminal INDEED!!  The deals may not have put DMC on top but it got him close and definitely kept him in the money.  Tmx supports making any and all trades to help your team and it takes two to tangle so I'm sure the teams that gave up on their stars thought they did the right thing. Nice try DMC almost moonwalked to third place you crafty bastard.

BeachBums - Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen. Man the Beachbums had and off year and after the halfway point were real quiet wondering if they were at hope staring in the war room that built all those magical teams humming glory days. "throw that speedball by you, make you look like a fool" BBums still were their usual leader in the transactions but it was an odd year with them not in first for a portion of the season. Lets hope they rebound and come back to contention next year.

FYW - Nothing but a good time - Poison. How else can you explain FYW ( name change never explained to TMX)? They continued to just roll through the league hanging around the money while playing players on the IR and picking up guys and plugging them in and getting 3 tds games. One big party over there without a care in the world team was built for the 80s!!

Tony Gonzalez - Bust a move- Young MC- The self proclaimed man who brought trading to the league!! What other 80s hits fits?? "dont just stand there, bust a move" TG/noromo made moves on top of moves and the Dez move may have backfired (all about the Benjamins) but he didn't stop and was able to climb close to contention despite losing draft picks. Not the greatest season but not the disaster it was looked to be at the draft.

The Jackals - Big Shot - Billy Joel. New comer to the league came in both guns blazing (wins his other leagues i'm sure) Taunted the league with Shady before pulling the trigger on what turned out to be a good deal. "had to be a big shot didnt cha" was all talk when he was on top but got real quiet til called out and put up the bet with TG/noromo. He lost the bet and probably learned a lesson in the process. Welcome to a real league Jackals.

 Supah P's Dangerzone - Kenny Loggins- Wow scary season for Supahs. Coming off the dress the supah p's were in the bottom for most of the season fighting for their lives! DANGERZONE.  They held strong and actually clinched 8th place early enough to relax somewhat. If they could get a wr who could score over 10pts who knows what would've been!!

Voodoothatyoudo - Eyes without a face - Billy Idol. Took over the team midway through from "Prison eyes" Voodoo tried everything to revamp a roster that he didnt create, "eyes without a face, faaaaaaaaaace" even trading the best rb for pennies on the dollar! Hopefully he comes back with a roster he builds and likes and with a real team name! Welcome aboard.

Grahamatron - Dont stop believing - Journey. What a rough season for Grahamatron. Only advice TMX has is don't stop believing!! Gotta trust your players, making a quick trade of three starters seemed to seal the Gramatrons fate.  Grahamatron will be back as they always are and I'm sure wont be a back to back dress wearer.

   It was a great season as it always is and TMX had a blast reporting it. Special thanks to drunknothings for its help in the blogs and Wes Cash for investigative reporting. The end of the season party was fun maybe next year the whole league shows ( aimed at you Rob and Skza). Next season draft date is August 22 and as always we will fight over where to have it but it will take place and hopefully not be a 5 hour affair!! Thanks to the commish for runnng the league and making sure the everyone is paid. Congrats to the winners and to the losers be better next year. Winners win.

TMX OUT til next year.


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