Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Xmas week

So I didn't post yesterday. Its the holiday season, so open your heart and have some compassion. This is also a quick hitter 12 pack  since I got drinking and shopping to do.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The new Hobbit film isn't as good as the other 2 but it is a good ending to the trilogy.
2. You win some and you lose some about $5000 worth.
3. The casino hustler is real.
4. Yes, he lives in a casino but Tooma is alive and kicking and making it do what it do.
5. Whats your percentage? As in what is the percentage of people you WOULD NOT FUCK? A friend of mine is rocking an 8%.
6. If you are ever in NJ you have to have a burger at The Tabor road Tavern. Best fucking burger ever! I believe Chrissy called it meat candy.
7. It is the 23rd and I still have not finished all my shopping. UGGGHH....more drinks I guess
8. Why does a simple hair cut make you feel so much better.
9. Brandon Weeden is still a bum.
10. I am sad that Rondo got traded for basically a bag of balls.
11. The MacPhails  no longer have cable.
12. I am pretty sure I contracted some sort of sickness at the casino.

This week I am spreading holiday cheer - so no things I hate right now but rather 5 things I am grateful for:
1. All my family and friends.
2. A roof over my head.
3. The ability to grow facial hair.
4. The fact that I can laugh at myself.
5. Obviously each and every person who stops by to read my useless rants.


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