Monday, December 8, 2014

Mucho Freeyo

You ever get a phone call from someone you really don't want to talk too? I mean like the the thought of talking to that person will drive you mentally insane?  Oh me neither, then.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Guess anyone can just pass out at a black jack table? Right Chrissy?
2. Jeffrey hangs out a lot at the bird, and by bird I mean the Eagles in Weymouth.
3. Pecan pie is the shit.
4. In case you were wondering, only 19 more days to shop for my birthday.
5. Anyone available next weekend, for a trip to the Pochonos?
6. How come no one wants to go to the Foo Fighters next year at Fenway? Or the Bosstones hometown throw down.
7.  It pains me to see Paul Pierce in any uniform but a Celtics uniform.
8. Who is up for some Christmas shopping*? * by shopping I mean going to the mall and getting bombed while picking up things here and there.
9. When did Kathryn Tappen start doing football games for NBC?
10. Hey people bitching that its 20 degrees out today, it is FUCKING DECEMBER!
11. Winter hats instantly become 100% cooler with a pompom.
12. I think coin star is a scam.
13. If you are meeting up for some lunch and a few drinks please don't ever refer to it as a luncheon unless you are Paddy Calnan. Perhaps another LINGJING?
14. Glad to see Jay Foley and Chazzy Ferlauto are doing well, work always seems to bring lasting friendships. I guess Broderick got caught up and couldn't attend.
15. It is rather sad that we did not have our annual hockey game for the 1st time this year, maybe we can start it up again next year. Or maybe have it in the summer?
16. Rumor has it a few people went out and tried the breakfast at Kristins in Braintree. Hope they enjoyed it as much as I do.

Sorry I have to run but work is a sonofabitch right now.

This is what I am hating and  hating on:
1  Lazy people.
2. Clothing that doesn't fit.
3. Feeling rushed.
4. People who only call you when they want something.
5. I dont give a fuck about the college football playoff system.

Hope that everyone has a nice week. I am always available for Christmas drinks.