Monday, December 1, 2014

December is here

Its the 1st day of December and also Cyber Monday. Christmas shopping for only 24 more days.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy didn't know wine wasn't cheap at a restaurant.
2. Fried Turkeys are all the rage this year.
3. So far only 9 guys say they want to play hockey, so fucking lame.
So far this is who says they are playing:
Barrett will come late(12:30)
Los says he is in - I cant trust that guy
Foley is in as long as he gets a baby sitter

Ryan and Tommy both asked what time (even though it was on the text)

4. How come every time I invite Calnan out he never comes out and always has an excuse?
5. Anyone seen Smiddy and my $25?
6. People are all up in arms over these Red Sox signings and none being Lester. At least they are spending money.
7. No one hates being out with Drunk Derek and Wasted Chrissy than Katie K!
8. Cheifdude has started to live his life a little more, and is going to the gym twice a week.
9. Nothing good happens at the Ocean Kai. NOTHING!
10. A good bartender can make or break your night.
11. I love banging out all my shopping.
12. Some days you just do not want to get your ass off the couch.
13. Is there a point that your hair stops growing?
14. Congrats to Danny and his gf on their second baby on the way.
15. Who is watching that show Jane the Virgin? I mean really?
16. I already knew that Comcast/Xfinity sucks but my cable was out on Friday night, all I had was fucking HGTV. They did a "reset" to my box and it would work for 1/2 hour. SUCK IT COMCAST!

This is what I hate right now -
1. Still hate how everyone says yes to do things and then always bails.
2. People who bitch about it being 60 degrees out in December.
3. Dunkin Donuts large iced coffee now being $3.00 - don't think I haven't noticed.
4. Rude  people who cut in line.
5. Having a broken windshield wiper, not busted but just not cleaning the whole window.

My birthday is only 17 days away... start shopping!

Also anyone interested in going to the Kentucky Derby, 1st weekend in May?

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The guy who could of been working in Control by now if that scab rat bastard (No names but his name rhymes with Newton) cost him his job. said...

#5 I still owe Chrissy $50 from when I bet him 2-3 years ago he would not keep the stache going for a full year after the pub crawl.