Monday, December 2, 2013

23 shopping days...

till Christmas!! Plenty of shopping time available. I am still a size 38 x 32 pants and 2 XL in shirts.

This is what I learned this weekend (just a quick 12 pack to start the week right):
1. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all within days of each other. Maybe you should spread that shit out.
2. You start to feel old when Guns n' Roses and Metallica start playing on the classic rock station.
3. People who give themselves nick names should get a kick in the dick.
4. With Facebook and other social media why are there still class reunions?
5. Still no baby MacPhail yet.
6. If you go to Pizzeria Regina and wait almost a hour in 35 degree temps and you don't use Luey Juice then you should of gone to Half Time Pizza.
7. The 30 oz tomahawk rib-eye chop from Alba in Quincy is fucking legit.
8. Since when does the DMV send out reminders that your license is expiring.
9. Home made turkey soup is awesome.
10. What are your top 5 Christmas movies? And is Die Hard on that list?
11. Did Paul Walkers death break the internet?
12. The worst part of the Christmas season is the fucking Elf on a Shelf.

See you next week.


chrisy said...

Still a size 28 × 32? You haven't seen that pant size since high school

chrisy said...

5) allison is in the process of being induced as we speak. Hopefully only a couple more hours.

chrisy said...

6) what fool did that?

d said...

Sorry Chrissy. I updated it.

chrisy said...

12) we just bought elf on a shelf to start with Ella this year. I agree a lot of work for nothing