Monday, August 15, 2011

Mississippi man buys 150 pizzas from Massachusetts restaurant

STOUGHTON, Mass. - A Mississippi man who grew up in Massachusetts goes to great lengths for a good pizza. About 1,400 miles.

David Schuler returned to Jackson, Miss., last weekend with 150 pies from Town Spa Pizza, a restaurant in his home town of Stoughton, just outside Boston.
It's a tradition he started years ago when he couldn't find a good slice in Mississippi.
He returned with 150 frozen, vacuum-sealed pies. That was a record for him. They cost $1,200.

He made the 16-state trek in 24 hours, munching on Town Spa pizzas he kept on the passenger seat.

Restaurant manager Kerry Hughes tells The Enterprise of Brockton he ships pizzas as far as California and Florida, but Schuler is his best out-of-state customer.

I like pizza, alot. I could probably eat pizza everyday but there is no way I am driving 1400 miles for a pizza.  No pizza  is worth that even if it came with a blow job, a full body massage and free booze. Not Reginas, Alumni, Santarpios, The Brown Jug, Linwoods, Cape Cod Pizza, PICCO or the Town Spa. This guy either needs to build himself a pizza oven and start making his own pizza, open up his own shop or just find a place and have them make they type of Za he likes

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