Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Thing Wahlberg - Paul Wahlberg’s burger joint, a 4,367-square-foot restaurant with outside patio, took a step closer to opening with the Board of Selectmen's approval Tuesday of an all-liquor license.

Wahlburger's, which will be located next to Alma Nove at Hingham’s Shipyard, will contain 120 seats – 80 inside and 40 seasonal outside – and will serve traditional burgers, fries, and hot dogs.

Alma Nove is also owned by Wahlberg, who opened it last last summer with partners that include brothers Mark (the actor) and Donnie (the actor and singer).

Walhburger's plans to have a "soft" opening in mid-September, and a grand opening in middle of October.

According to Wahlberg’s attorney, Jeffery Tocchio, who spoke at Tuesday's selectmen's meeting, the new eatery will help “activate the edges” of the shipyard, as well as bring in business year-round.

“This place has been a big success, even in the off season, which is good cause the shipyard is looking for off season draws,” he said. “We’re also consistent in the on season, it’s like moths to a flame, almost literally.”

The outside patio will have the same glass enclosure as Alma Nove, with a masonry foundation at the base.

Not only will the outside patio look similar to its sister site across the street, but operationally the restaurant will follow a similar model to its Italian counterpart.

The $900,000 project, being constructed under Paragon Funding Group III LLC, already has two investors, and the project is moving ahead smoothly, Tocchio said.

Although the main focus of the restaurant will be casual diner fare, Wahlberg did stress that some healthier options would eventually be added to the menu.

“It’s a fast, casual burger restaurant. It’s burgers, fries, frappes, and dogs. There will be some healthy options - I’m working on a recipe for a salmon burger … and there will be a turkey burger as well. At some point will implement salads,” Wahlberg said.

Selectmen were enthusiastic about the idea of adding another prominent business to the Hingham waterfront.

“Sounds like an attractive entity, and it sounds like it will fill a niche,” Selectwoman Laura Burns said. “I appreciate your increasing investment in Hingham.”

Selectmen Bruce Rabuffo also noted that Alma Nove has worked very well in the town, and he looked forward to seeing a second Wahlberg business flourish.

“The [police] chief has commented that he is pleased with your performance at Alma Nove, and that makes us happy. We’re happy to see you have that success,” Rabuffo said.
Wahlberg will additionally be adding a two-person outdoor entertainment group to Alma Nove from August through October on Sundays from 3 to 7 p.m.

“Hingham’s location has a lot to offer, so it's just an enhancement to what we do,” Wahlberg said.

Selectmen requested that Wahlberg remain mindful of neighbors who might object to amplified noise, but approved the temporary entertainment license without issue.

Yeah, the readers like All things Wahlbergs and this is no exception. Julie Nickerson sent this from La La land(why she refuses to actually blog is beyond me). She can't wait to come home, kick it with her peeps and try it out.

I on the other hand love any and all things burgers. I had Wily Willies in Quincy and its kinda BLAH!! Its not even  in my top 10 burgers in the state.  Maybe I will do a burger review of all the best, greasiest and best tasting burgers(Not including The Big 3 - Wendys, Mcdonalds, and B) in the area.

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