Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hang in there

SEOUL, South Korea — Police in South Korea say a passenger found hanged in a plane bathroom apparently killed himself during the flight.

A police official based at Incheon International Airport said Tuesday the man was found hanging by his belt from a clothes hanger after the flight landed.

Monday’s Asiana Airlines flight had departed from Guangzhou, China. The official says the man had worked at a Guangzhou branch office of a South Korean company and was returning home.

The official declined to be identified because he didn’t want to influence the investigation.

No suicide note was found. The man was a 43-year-old South Korean.

South Korea’s suicide rate is the highest in the developed world.

I have no idea how long the flight from Guangzhou, China to South Korea is but i'm sure at some point someone had to use the bathroom. I mean, I have seen people hop up as soon as the planes seat belt light goes off. Don't the flight attendants check the bathrooms before the descent? I have been on plenty of flights to know that something ain't adding up. The craziest thing is this isn't  the first time that this has happened...


riccio said...

I almost hung myself last year on a flight fro San Fran to South Korea because the flight was so long and they ran out of beer on the plane. the stewardess made it up to me by giving me all the gin nips and a full bottle of wine so she could go to sleep and i would stop bothering her.

d said...

Well Sean I am glad you are still with us and serving this country!

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