Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st

If you see the Skza today please wish him a happy birthday.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Fresh Market in Hingham has some kick ass sausages.
2. Mungo is quite the lumberjack. He cut down Jeffrey's birch trees.
3. I can't believe I just started reading the Vince Flynn novels about Mitch Rapp.
4. Everyone likes to bake in the sun:
5. Foxwoods is expensive for a room the weekend of September 2-5th.
6. Jeffrey is taking any and all suggestions for baby names.
7. Rob is afraid of the Satin Doll.
8. People get geared up when fishing talk is involved.
9. Picking a new refrigerator is more time consuming than it appears.
10. I was recently told when ordering steak tips from a butcher make sure you say top shelf.
11. There is nothing worse than a cranky baby who has not napped.
12. Danny Cooney is moving to Quincy.
13. The new Thundercats on Cartoon network is a great reboot.
14. According to Mario, Friends with Benefits is like a soft porn.
15. Miss Worcester, inWorcester Ma., is the #1 diner in the country.
16. Katie is a way better painter than I could ever be.
17. If you are going to the dog park, please bring a ball but no toys that are special to your dog. They only cause issues with owners and dogs.
18. The great debate Popeyes or KFC rages on...I am a Popeyes guy myself.
19. It is good to have the TMX updates back for fantasy updates.
20. Supah P has gone the way of the Smiddy and is MIA!!

Can you believe that the summer is half over? Jesus H. Christ(what does the H stand for?)

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