Monday, August 22, 2011

Its almost September?

Where the hell did the month of August go? I mean just the other day it seemed like the summer was about to start and now it is about to end. Oh well bring on some fall and some football.

This is what I leanred this weekend:
1. A brand new cow is $1500 and 3 pigs are $1200. I do not know if thats a good deal or not.
2. How come no one is talking about the Marshfield fair? Is it becuase Chrissy isn't in the demolition derby?
3. Joe Q will gamble/bet/wage on anything.
4. Apparently some people don' t like my motorbiker look? I have no idea what that even means.
5. Lil J gets a little too  close with the married ladies.
6. Who wins a $25 off coupon a tattoo?? This guy!
7. People are asking if Chrissy is still rocking his stache? I believe the answer is yes.
8. BK is retiring the king.
9. People want me to havfe a wiffle ball tournament. Would anyone be interested?
10. The gay guys love to help Rio shop for clothes.
11. Some people have no vision.
12. Mungo has spent more than 3 weeks cleaning up his yard for a cookout/babies birthday party.
13. White Chocolate Thunder is back!
14. CVG was a little too would up on Saturday night for my liking.
15. When in doubt use white water rafting as an excuse for anything.
16. I love the MassSavews rebates.
17. Fantasy football is a super cluster Eff this year.
18. Has anyone seen Jebediah Chipman? Dude is MIA.
19. This little guy scared Katie:

20. Supah P is starting his beard/groundwork for his mustache for the 5th MPC:

If anyone wants to come by Peggy Oniels this Saturday the 6th annual ADSL fantasy league draft will be going down. Ryan will be rocking his dress, Rio will be banging out the board, andMikeyT will be getting beers.  I am sure we will get some skins in as well.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see a supah p sighting