Monday, August 15, 2011

Another rainy Monday

Of course the week starts out with another rainy Monday.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Americans on average consume 5 gallons   of ice cream a year.
2. Penguins can jump 6 feet.
3. I missed the MMQB article from SI.
4. I am not built to work overnights.
5. Hiking around Blue Hills is quite a work out.
6. People were spending crazy cash this weekend, due to it being tax free in Mass.
7. How the hell does Subway close at 9pm? I mean people want a nice delicious sandwich at 9:30!!
8. I am excited to try and make homemade pickles, even though I dont like pickles.
9. Whats worse - picking Cam Newton in the 7th round or taking a retired Randy Moss?
10. Was thinking about opening up an etrade account.
11. The Fat Cat in Quincy is pretty damn good.
12. Cheifdude is addicted to the Game of Thrones books.
13. Has anyone talked to Thomas J. Newton? I think he is MIA with William J Smiddy.
14. I am burning through theses Mitch Rapp books.
15. Chrissy loves employee appreciation week, kid comes out rose with 4 free passes to 6 Flags:
16. Shaun Larry Dillon hates Hull but everytime I ask how he is, I get some sort of story how he was in Hull with his lady.  So do you hate it or secretly love it?
17. Do not eat cupcakes with too much food coloring in the frosting. Your poop will thank you later.
18. Thai pork stew in the crock pot is quick and easy.
19. StyleGal had her bachelorette party down in Newport and rocked it out.
20. Rio had a nice whirlwind weekend at the ABG, Whiskey Priest, the Sea port grill and the Crows Nest. The Kid is living it up...

Lets hope the rain stays away.

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