Sunday, January 23, 2011

Halle Berry

im sorry. i know i missed a kickoff girl last week but i was pissed off. the patriots sucked the big donkey dick. belicheat didnt have the team prepared and when he was down, he didnt come up with a half time game plan to come back. well a lot of beers and some time later i am over it. but i have text smiddy and still havent heard from him. i am nervous he jumped off the tobin bridge. no date reviews and no restaurant reviews, he could be dead! i also wanted to let every one know that i started my mustache for the third anual pub crawl. i was going to include a picture but it seems supah p stole my thunder. i am impressed by what he brings to the table each year but i just have to wonder if mr booze is going to start testing for performance enhancers. if barry bonds is unfairly questioned about creams, then what the hell is supah using???

well on to the kick off girl. i have been having a few girls on que lately ready to bring out but swordfish has been airing all week and i just had to jump halle above the rest. she has a smoking hott body and a great set of tits. i hope you enjoy this as much as i did researching it.

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