Friday, January 7, 2011

Chief Dude does own a Dog dipshit

Listen I do own a Dog he is a 7 month old Boxer pictured above. Also in the comment section it gives you the option to post your name so you don't have to be a pussy and be anonymous anymore. the Dog post does not go away until Derek buys a dog get it......don't like it you have two options buy Derek a dog or don't read the blog


Anonymous said...

post of the week! i havent seen this much anger involving dogs since Mikey Vick!

Chrissy said...

As a fellow blog contributor, I have to side with the chief dude. But I didn't realize that we could use the posts for our own personal vendetta? I mean I can put up pictures of my dog or my beautiful new daughter. maybe I will start a shit if the day pic???

d said...


ChiefDude said...

thanks Chrissy that's why i love ya

Bigshow said...

I like you dog post

Anonymous said...

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