Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ashley Greene

wow this blog has been dormant for a few months lately. with derek preoccupied with his wedding, his posts dropped down significantly. and it seemed every one else that helped out all stopped at once. well chiefdude has been trying his hardest to get this blog back up to speed. not everyone agrees with his choice of posts but atleast he is trying. derek has now promised to get back to some of the shit he used to do. i have been on board for about a month now and its still a learning process. im having a blast so far but if these dog posts keep up, i will start posting daily shit pics. maybe have some guest shit pics from random friends and family. see i wont quit the blog like deegan if i dont like something, i will just get even. speaking of deegan, his team choked again. tough to be a philly fan. but i hope this game showed why there never should have been a discussion about the MVP race...

now on to pick of the week. so i know i usually have some celebrity gosip that goes along with my week kick off girl. well i got nothing new going on in that department so i just went with an EXTREMELY HOTT chick! i was watching twilight the other day and i remembered how much i love this girl. hope you enjoy the pics!


Anonymous said...

why dont you post twice aweek?

Anonymous said...

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